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Auto Locksmith

Auto Locksmith

Our expertise in new technology vehicle security systems enables us to provide top auto locksmith

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Emergency Locksmith

Emergency Locksmith

Our company stands by customers for all locksmith emergency issues and guarantees speed

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Lockout Locksmith

Lockout Locksmith

We offer lockout services 24/7 and guarantee the speed of our locksmith teams and their excellent work.

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24 hour emergency mobile locksmith. We provide security

Things you have to know about locksmith services. What are the different types or classifications? What is a wafer tumbler lock? Do you have questions about your home locks or seek answers on what to do when the keys are lost? Keep reading.

What is a wafer tumbler lock?

This type of lock is similar to the pin tumbler lock as it works based on the same principle. The wafer tumbler lock uses wafers instead of wards as obstructions. The difference between the pin and wafer tumbler locks is that the wafer is a single piece while a pin consists of two or more pieces. It is most oftentimes mistaken as a disc tumbler lock. The wafer tumbler lock is commonly used in cabinetry and automobiles.

What are the disc tumbler lock and the lever tumbler lock?

The lever tumbler locks use sets of levers to prevent the bolt from moving in the lock. The simplest form of this type of lock is lifting the tumbler to a certain height that will allow the bolt to slide. The disc tumbler lock on the other hand is also called the Abloy lock. It is composed of slotted rotating discs. This type of lock is considered almost impossible to pick and is very secure.

Why should I replace the home locks often?

New security door locks are more resistant and made according to the latest specifications and the newest technologies. The experts of our locksmith company in Renton insist that new door locks will keep your properties secure and impenetrable and you won't encounter lock and key issues. Hence, you'll avoid lockouts as well.

What should I do when I lose my keys?

Get back to the property as soon as you can and call one of our Locksmith Renton experts. You need to really get a new set and ensure that the new lock is of a high quality. For the first few days you may need to be extra vigilant.

What must I do if the key turns without locking?

Lock repair is needed. Usually, when the key turns but the door doesn't lock, there's something wrong with the lock mechanism. Most possibly, you will need lock change. Of course, check that the latch comes out first and the strike plate is adjusted.

What are the advantages of conventional locks over electric high security locks?

While the high security locks have the advantage of being a safer and more secure (if not expensive) alternative to conventional locks, experts over at Locksmith Renton can tell you that conventional locks have their own advantages. They’re not only cheaper but easier to maintain, and also provide excellent security.

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